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This is not an article. That's because I haven't written the article yet. It may be the hardest thing for me to write about so far, because things are changing so rapidly and so much is currently unknown. What is known, however, is that crossing the US border in either direction can result in unprecedented attacks on your privacy.

US border agents get to ask you a lot of things. You get to refuse to answer. But then they get to detain you for an unlimited time, or simply block you from crossing the border. They may ask you to give the names of your social media accounts; they may also ask you for the passwords. They can ask you to unlock your phone or computer so they can look through it. And they have software that can extract a whole lot of data in a short time.
In other words, they can get a very intimate snapshot of your contacts, your conversations, your interests, your friends, your job, your love life, your past... in short, your life. They can also get a lot of information about the people you know, who aren't even present.

I've not written the article but I've started gathering information. And this is too important to wait. So I'll just go ahead and give you the links I've found so far, and add more as I find it.

New, and probably the most reliable information out there:
Updated with more links on February 25, 2017.
Added the new EFF guide on March 9.

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